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Study Group: “Restoration of the Monarchy 2020? Post-Watergate Roll Back & Culture War”

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This quarter we are going to focus on November‘s presidential election against the backdrop of a national and world crisis. At the start of this year, with low unemployment and a booming stock market, it looked like Donald Trump might easily win a second term, but as events quickly changed due to the federal government‘s botched pandemic response, Joe Biden‘s path to the White House is looking increasingly likely. Covid-19 has exposed the weaknesses of America‘s gig economy and failed safety nets. Yet, by ignoring his experts and pressuring governors to open their states for business, Trump has exasperated the crisis. Instead of trying to unify the country, he‘s sown division. In the face of a popular protest against racism and injustice, Trump‘s electoral strategy aims to rally his base by escalating America‘s “culture war.” Finally, we shall turn our attention to the silent crisis in the international order that has been slowly unfolding. Trump is also dismantling the international institutions that have underpinned peace and security since WWII, turning away from America‘s traditional allies – foreign leaders like Macron and Merkel. Presidents typically look at foreign affairs through national security, but Trump conducts policy in terms of his own re-election. We are looking forward to a roller coaster of a ride this quarter. Come one, come all ...

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