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Museums and Collections

Just a stroll through Tübingen’s old city may seem like a walk through an open-air museum.  Everything here is genuine and original; the people, the buildings, the whole ensemble.  Tübingen was and still is a temple of the Muse.  The museums and collections located in the city attest to this.  
The Museum Alte Kulturen at the castle of Hohentuebingen presents the oldest artworks of humanity. To learn more about the history of the city and the various aspects of the city life the Stadtmuseum invites visitors to a discovery tour in the city center. For lovers of cars, two-wheeled vehicles and toys the Auto- und Spielzeugmuseum Boxenstop, Germany’s oldest private car museum, is worth a visit. A journey into the land of kings and monks offers the idyllically located Kloster und Schloss Bebenhausen at the outskirts of the city.