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University of Tübingen Botanical Gardens (Botanischer Garten der Universität Tübingen)

Auf der Morgenstelle 1, 72076 Tübingen

Stroll through these beautiful gardens at the geographical heart of Baden-Württemberg. The Botanical Gardens feature some 10,000 species of plants over an area of ten hectares, giving the visitor fascinating glimpses into the tremendous variety of plant life.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Tübingen are not only a valuable resource for research and teaching; since their opening in 1968, they have become an oasis of calm at Tübingen’s Morgenstelle campus. The Gardens are open to researchers and the public alike – to relax, gather information, or simply to admire the landscape. Wherever you go in the Botanical Gardens, you will find amazing plants – masses of flowers outside in spring and summer, and tropical lushness in the greenhouses all year round. You can also visit the Arboretum on the other side of the ring road for a look at rare trees, shrubs, and fruit trees.

In addition to its function as a garden for education and research, it is also open for public viewing and as a place of relaxation. Admire over 12,000 varieties of plants from around the world at this renowned garden. Whichever beautiful path you may chose to stroll through the garden’s territory, at every step there await wonders to be discovered: a sea of blossoms outdoors and tropical lushness in the greenhouses. The arboretum with its rare trees, situated just above the ‚Nordring’, is also worth a visit.

Opening Hours:
Garden: Mon–Sun 8 a.m.–4.45 p.m.,
in the summer Sun 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
Green Houses: Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–4.30 p.m.,
Sat, Sun 10 a.m.–4.30 p.m.,
in the summer Sun 10 a.m.–6.30 p.m.

Free entrance.
General information family-friendly, Seniors friendly


Botanischen Garten der Universität Tübingen
Auf der Morgenstelle 1
72076 Tübingen

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