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The Hesse Cabinet (Hesse Kabinett)

Holzmarkt 5, 72070 Tübingen

Hermann Hesse, one of Germany’s most famous and most read authors, completed an apprenticeship in the Heckenhauer bookshop on the Lumber Market (Holzmarkt) from 1895 to 1898.

He spent an additional year in the shop as an assistant. While in Tübingen, 18-year-old Hesse began his own self-directed literary studies and made his first writing attempts, thereby laying the foundation for the international renown he garnered in 1946 upon receiving a Nobel Prize. More than 100 years later, under the motto „The Youth of the Writer of Youth“, a 65 qm memorial has been established within the historic walls of the present-day antiquarian bookshop, on its first floor. Documents and reproductions from Hesse’s stay in Tübingen provide information about this time in his life when the doors of literature were first opened to him. The rooms of the 500-year-old building are a treasure. Rich in atmosphere, they invite visitors to stay and reflect awhile. The winding staircase and book storage are particularly remarkable.

Opening Hours: Fri and Sat 12–5 p.m. and Sun 2–5 p.m.
Public Guided Tours: Sun at 4 p.m.

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Guided tours: Sunday tour at 4 p.m. after the public tour of the old town, 2 p.m.
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Hesse-Kabinett Tübingen
Holzmarkt 5
72070 Tübingen

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