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Wurmlingen Chapel

'Hoch droben stehet die Kapelle ...

The Wurmlingen Chapel, perched atop the 475 m (1,558 feet) mountain between the Neckar, the Ammer Valleys can be seen from far and wide. On top of the shapely hill crowning Tübingen’s Spitzberg (peaked mountain) is one of the cities landmarks: The simple yet impressive Wurmlinger chapel (Saint Remigius).  It is the subject of many poems and songs written in the romantic era, the best known of which is poetry from Ludwig Uhland. The Count Anselm von Calw originally built the chapel burial grounds for himself here in 1050. The chapel that stands there today was consecrated in 1685, although the 12th century roman crypt remains preserved below. The church you see today is the fourth version. The cushion capitals (architecture) in the crypt can be accessed by way of a narrow staircase, and is well worth a look. On top of the chapel mountain awaits a wonderful view.

A wide, meandering path weaves through many fruit and wine gardens. It offers some regional history, a glimpse at local fruits and wines, as well as an explanation of local farming techniques.

A hiking path leads from the Tübingen Castle, over the Spitzberg and to the chapel in just 30 minutes, opening up a beautiful view of the area along the way.

Opening Hours  May to October Sun 10 a.m.–4. p.m.

Guided tours Private tours can be organized on request via the Catholic rectory in Wurmlingen, Tel. 0049(0)7472-1790  Mon–Thurs 10 a.m.–12.p.m and Thurs 4 p.m.–7 p.m.

Directions 8 km from Tübingen. L 370 towards Rottenburg. Visitor’s car park next to the Chapel Hill. Bus line 18 to bus stop Rössle Mon–Sat every half an hour, Sun and on holidays every hour from Tübingen train station